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"I never, ever thought this would work!"


“I am Sybille’s neighbor. Shortly after I moved in her neighborhood she started telling me she could help me quit smoking, every time she saw me lit up a cigartette. I told her I had tried quitting with the patch and with the gum and had failed every time. I was so addicted that I didn’t think anything could really help me at this point and certainly not acupuncture, which I thought was for sissies.
Sybille told me she used to smoke a lot in her early 20’s and that her acupuncturist made her quit. The fact that she is an ex-smoker really convinced me to give it a shot.

We picked a date, and…the day came. After breakfast I was already bracing myself for the first wave of withdrawal symptoms: flu-like muscle pain in my arms back and legs, restlessness, cold sweat, very short attention span and for sure they came and hit me like a ton of bricks.
This was unbearable. I rushed to see Sybille. After a few minutes of acupuncture treatment, my stress level went way down, which made the cravings less brutal.
She put quit a few needles in both my ears, some in my feet and on my chest, and the withdrawal symptoms went down, to a level where I felt I was in control and could function again.

For the next 48 hours, I stayed home with needles in my ears. My body was in the middle of a huge fight. I was exhausted.

Sybille had given me herbs and supplements which helped immediately when the cravings would go come back again. For the next 6 weeks my body progressively cleansed itself. My urine and stools were loaded with toxins (oh my, it was nasty…)

It has been 7 months already. There is no miracle cure. Without will power, you will not be successful at quitting smoking. And you will not be successful at staying a non-smoker.

In all my previous attempts to quit smoking my withdrawal symptoms were way too strong for my will. Acupuncture, by making them manageable, made it possible for me to do it. I never thought anything could help me do it.

Of course, from time to time, I miss smoking a cigarette; but I love not being a smoker anymore, not having to get up and go outside and smoke, not because I want too...but because I have to.

Oh and If I can do it, you sure can do it too.

Kind regards,

Guillaume Delaporte

March 2010




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